Mabroom Dates – মাবরুম খেজুর (১ কেজি)

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Specifications of Mabroom Khejur (1 KG)

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  • Product Name: Mabroom Dates
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Mabroom Dates are full of natural sugars that give you a fast and lasting burst of energy. This fruit helps you fight tiredness and stay alert all day long. These dates are also a great way to get Vitamin B, which is truly important for your brain. It helps your brain work well, keeps your mind clear, and supports overall mental health. You can buy these dates at the best price from Tista Food.

Benefits of Mabroom Dates

  1. Support Digestive Health: Mabroom Dates have a lot of natural fiber, which can help stop constipation and keep your stomach working well.
  2. Promote Strong Bones: These dates, rich in essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, actively contribute to building and maintaining strong bones for overall health.
  3. Reduce Hair Loss: It can naturally support hair health by containing nutrients that nourish hair follicles and may help reduce hair loss.
  4. Combat Anemia: Rich in iron, these dates can help fight iron deficiency and associated symptoms like fatigue and weakness.
  5. Manage Allergies: While more research is needed, dates, with their anti-inflammatory properties, might assist in managing allergies, as some studies suggest.
  6. Increase Physical Strength: Mabroom khejur is a natural energy source, supplying readily available sugars and essential nutrients to support physical activity and improve strength.
  7. Natural Fiber: These dates are a natural source of dietary fiber, necessary for digestive health, promoting regularity, and inducing a feeling of fullness.
  8. Promote Heart Health: With potassium and dietary fiber, Mabroom khejur may contribute to maintaining good heart health by potentially regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  9. Support Overall Well-being: These dates can be a valuable addition to a balanced diet, potentially preventing various health concerns, including stomach cancer, due to their rich nutrient profile and potential anti-inflammatory properties.

Order your Mabroom Dates from Tista Food at the best price in Bangladesh and start your Ramadan Journey by the grace of Allah. We also sell Medjool Dates from our organic food store.


What is the price of Mabroom Dates in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Mabroom Dates in Bangladesh for 500gm is Tk. 750, and for 1 kg is Tk. 1,500. You can Order Now from Tista Food or visit our Store. For more information, call us at 📱+8801996401417.


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